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Where you can find Guidance, Release old baggage, and be one with your true authentic self, or you know, check in and see how your week will be.

Cards and candle on black background
Cards and candle on black background

Get In-Tune With Tarot

Tarot Cards were invented by the Ancients. In both Ancient and Modern Times they were practiced for many things, communication for the most part. Each deck of cards has 78 cards in total, with the Major Arcana describing major events in our lives, and the Minor Arcana reflecting our day-to-day aspects in our lives. We use these cards as signs and messages that tell us about our past, present and future giving us advice on how to go within about certain aspects. With advice given from the Angelic Realm you think it'd be easy flowing with life, but without the proper knowledge of Tarot people tend to have misinterpretations about it. James will share his knowledge of innerstanding throughout his own experiences with Tarot.

Aura Cleansing

The etheric body that surrounds our physical body, our energy field that literally shines out, from within.. OUR AURA. Our Aura is made of 7 layers (yes, our 7 chakras) and it is exposed to everything around us and without consciously protecting our energy, situations can get caught in our field and that is why you are still thinking of that Honda civic that cut you off in traffic a few hours ago, or how a few years ago someone criticized you on your passion so now you keep it hidden from the world. Cleansing our Aura, cleansing every layer, is very important and needed consistently to remove negative energy that hinder us from being the best version of ourselves.

About JamesTarot

As JamesTarot and an Aquarius, it is my soul purpose to transparent light onto a world full of darkness. I do that by assisting one back to self and with the Great power of the Divine, be a messenger to provide you with guidance. My spiritual journey started at the end of 2019, which in 2020 was an important time for this sign with the Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter and the Age of Aquarius being brought in. Since then I have been focusing on expanding my consciousness and fulfilling practices that benefits the mind, body and soul for my higher self.